Jacksonville, FL

What happens when you put Kierra Kiki Sheard , Pastor William Murphy, and Tasha Cobbs on the same stage? A hashtag with four words, three voices, two hours and one INCREDIBLE WORSHIP EXPERIENCE!



L-R: Kierra Sheard, Martina Young, Tasha Cobbs, & William Murphy


Kierra & Robin

The night began with gospel Princess Kierra Sheard. She was again so honest and pure.  She ministered her touching ballad, Flaws and hit cover Indescribable.  We were immediately drawn into worship and I could tell that this wasn’t going to be an ordinary concert experience. Her wig stayed on and she announced openly she was wearing her best girdle, so she came prepared for an experience lol! Kierra’s personal testimony was touching and helped set the tone for a night saturated with the presence of God. After the concert I got to speak to her about the tour experience. My cousin candidly asked her about how she was taking the viral meme video of her wig coming off at the opening concert in Atlanta! She chuckled shyly and said,” Y’all its been hard, but it happens and I just make the best of it.” She remembered my sister from our concert last month and they shared a genuine exchange of laughter.

Pastor Murphy came up next. He not only sang snippets of some new music but also, shared the testimony about the loss of his brother and his mother’s fight with cancer. He got personal for while and it caused an explosion of praise! As he ministered  we were quickly reminded we weren’t here to see Kiki, William, or Tasha but we were there to have an encounter with Jesus Christ. As he sang his new song Lets Us See Jesus, tears rolled down my eyes because I was so blessed and grateful for the powerful reminder that yes I was hearing great music, but I was in the presence of an even greater God! As he sang Praise is What I Do there was a sound released into the atmosphere that everyone in the room had to respond!  He told us favor is when the superior God one leans in the direction of the inferior one, his people and we truly felt the favor of God. IMG_9074 2


If it makes you uncomfortable do you still want to be where he is

By the time Tasha came up her job was easy and she flowed right in the vain of worship. She shared part of her testimony about moving to Atlanta 10 years ago and how it felt like she was going to into the fog.  Needless to say her ministry was powerful. She gave the perfect blend of her new cd and some old hits that still have the power to you tears like  For Your Glory, You Still Love Me, and I Will Run to name a few. After concert as she signed my cd and many others I watched her interactions.  She was just super chill, no superstar ora about her. She hugged and kissed her mom and rejoiced when she connected with old friends. I was happy to see that woman behind the songs whose worship can pierce your soul is the same way on and off stage. She’s just a woman who can really sing, but loves a lot more.

During her set Tasha spoke about how when God called her to this tour he told her exactly who to include and boy he never misses. These three together are going to do wonders for the kingdom and I feel so blessed to have shared in the experience. She reminded us again that, “This tour is about taking the message of Jesus to the world.” Together they represent the voice of gospel music today and they have charged their generation, this generation to stand up in One Place and tell the world that Jesus saves!

MY Directive: If you have the opportunity, find yourself on the next stop of this tour! It will truly bless and inspire you! 

For More info visit http://www.oneplacelivetour.eventbrite..com

FullSizeRender 2


J Drew Sheard- Kierra’s brother


Bre- Praise Singer


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