Overnight Success? Nah, that’s not a thing: Debunking Myth About Millenials

Many people often refer to our generation as the microwave generation. Now whether affectionately or not, they’re implying we like things instantly and conveniently. Which to many degrees is very true. Our culture has made a convenience a must, it’s engrained into the very fabric as who we are as a people. We have become impatient and intolerant of certain inconveniences and rightly so. If we know there’s a better way, why not. There are just somethings our generation won’t wait for anymore. But that makes perfect sense because of the age we live in. Expectations for certain processes have changed. If something takes any longer than 5 minutes we’ll do a Google search and find another option. The access we have to information has made us innately resourceful. Our outlook on life has been shaped by technology at our fingertips and Siri at our beckoned call.

So yes, we have a lot of microwave expectations. Do you blame us?


There are some notions I would like to challenge and debunk:

MYTH: we view SUCCESS as a microwaveable process.

Yes, we are extremely ambitious, but rightly so. Culture has created so many avenues and outlets that the only thing keeping us from success is our own bad habits and misguided choices. However, we understand fully that success IS A PROCESS and we’ve learned quickly to trust the process.

MYTH: Millenials think they can Google their way to success but put in no work.

The internet has completely changed the game for Millenials. We have complete access to the world and therefore, it is incumbent upon us to become successful. We have a laundry list of successful individuals from every field imageable and have the tools to create our own industry if we can’t find what we like. But again, we understand that success is a PROCESS that cannot be rushed. Yes, we sure will Google our way to the top but that doesn’t erase the hard work that we put in when we find the answers we’re looking for.

MYTH: Millenials expect their success instantly and they don’t have what it takes to wait out success.

Do, I really need to say it again? We TRUST the PROCESS. Furthermore, the market that Millenials are up against is over saturated on all sides. There are hundreds or thousands fighting for the same positions in the same industries. Therefore, we have to work three times as hard to make anything we do success because there’s just that much competition. We’re ALL educated. Everyone has BA/BS and everyone is working on or completed a Masters/JD/MBA alladat! Those feats alone took 5-7 years depending on the program, so NO, that’s not our expectation. We know we have to work hard because there is someone out there with the same on paper qualifications trying to beat us out. Not to mention being an entrepreneur is this current economy. Where again, you have an oversaturated market filled with people selling and producing essentially the same products. So we have to find ways to STAND OUT, constantly. So nah, overnight success is definitely NOT a thing, we know that. 

MYTH: Millennials are too quick move to from job to job, they never give themselves time to grow and develop in one place.

Some Millenials are starting families later than their parents. Many have made career aspirations and travel dreams their first priority, worse if their partner is of the same mind, they’ll travel together until their tired out.  We see value in exploring the world and so yes, we are ALWAYS looking for the next move. However, that next move is NEVER arbitrary. Are moves in some way align with our overall goal and vision for our lives. And sometimes when unexpected opportunities present themselves, we consider how will this help me get where I’m going? How is this beneficial? The expectation is that we will remain at one job for 20+ years like they have, build a family in one place, and never change a thing about the way we live. There are definitely some MILLENIALS that plan to do just that, but the majority are looking to experience the fullness of what life has to offer. So no, we won’t be working at the same company for 20 years, unless they move us around and give us new things to do. We are looking to enterprise our lives and life a specific lifestyle, one that doesn’t include complacency.

Millenials have created a whole new way of adulting that takes advantage of the way our world is set up. So for those salty members of other generations who just can’t quite understand or appreciate the way we do things, instead of taking offense, try having a conservation and debunk a few myths on your our.

MY Directive: Bridging generational gaps is essential to the continued success of our world. We all have valuable experiences and ideas to share. So let’s all take the time to understand each other and appreciate the uniqueness of each generation.

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One thought on “Overnight Success? Nah, that’s not a thing: Debunking Myth About Millenials

  1. Miracle Joy says:

    Yes! I love your point about millenials wanting to experience the fullness of life. This is an aspect of myself that I struggle with often – relocating, not sticking to one thing long enough or moving on before mastery. But as you so accurately explained it, ALL of our moves align with our overall goals/vision. We’re like the current, we keep moving and evolving 🌊


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