By now most of my readers know education is one of the most important things in my life. I've prided myself in being an overachiever. I wasn't numbered top 10 in my class but I love to learn and I work extremely hard. I love the power and knowledge that comes from being educated. With … Continue reading Accepted.


Moving:10 Tips on moving out of state

Here are some tips on moving from one state to another and some things I wished someone had told me. Please read and share 🙂 1. Plan Ahead Moving is stressful. You will have thousands of things running through your mind. So many questions will come up along the way, so planning ahead eliminates a lot … Continue reading Moving:10 Tips on moving out of state

Southern Charm

My favorite thing about being from the south is enjoying its little unique charms; cooking, "rustic" living, hospitality, and all sorts of little quirks only a true southern can understand but everyone can appreciate. One of my favorites: mason jars. We use them for everything, storage, eating, drinking, decorating, the list goes on and on. … Continue reading Southern Charm

Conquering Mountains

Disclaimer: this blog will probably be the longest one I ever write, so feel free to take your time because you won’t want to miss a line. So let me first apologize for my selfish silence, its been an EXTREMELY busy 3 weeks filled with so many stories, adventures, ups, downs, and most importantly one … Continue reading Conquering Mountains

Saturday Inspiration 

Looking at the success of others is one way to mark or even set individual goals. But it can never and  should ever be the measure used to determine your own success. Everyone is on their own path. Appreciate yours for what it is and where it takes you. The race is not for the … Continue reading Saturday Inspiration 

When at first you don’t succeed…

Remember This? Well click  here if you don't for a little refresher 🙂 But three weeks ago I went back to try again and this time with great success. I was much more prepared and knowledgable.  I was determined not to let my previous experience deter me and frankly I needed a car. So after taking … Continue reading When at first you don’t succeed…

Happy Leap Year!

This morning one of my students came in and announced," HAPPY NEW LEAP DAY!" And I all I could think was to myself was,"Great, Monday." With everything that goes on in our crazy world, filled with trouble on every side, racism causing division, poverty destroying communities, the economy on a constant rise and fall, and … Continue reading Happy Leap Year!

“I slay, okay”

I often don't have much to say about some things however, yesterday my twitter feed erupted with tweets about pop/r&b sensation Beyonce's new and unexpected song and music video "Formation." Now despite the normal and extreme vulgarity (I get it sex sells), the message of the song was powerful to say the least. People are really … Continue reading “I slay, okay”